Hi, my name is Alla, I’m from Ukraine and have been living in Iceland for 2 years. I am a physical education teacher and a certified yoga instructor. I have 11 years of yoga teaching experience.
"Yoga for everyone" is a project that is meant to disprove myths and establish a healthy habit of ecological caring for your body, regardless of body constitution, previous experience in sports or lack of it. My classes are a combination of general strengthening exercises, classic yoga asanas and strength training. 
I offer two classes of different orientations per week:
Tuesday - Yoga-intensive - a combination of classic asanas and dynamic practice by using sports equipment. We build a strong corset, strengthen muscles, increase endurance.
Thursday - Soft Yoga - a set of physical therapy exercises, asanas for flexibility and gymnastics for the joints. We form the correct posture and turn on the "sleeping" muscles.
We end all classes with Shavasana in order to develop the ability to relax after exercises, consciously feel the body and give it what it needs at this very moment.
Classes will be in English.
Advance registration is required. Send me a message